Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A New Level of Gross

Last month my friend’s cousin saw a dog being abandoned out of a vehicle. Another friend of mine then posted his picture on Facebook stating that he needed a home. My first thought was, “NO WAY!” I’ve been down this road before. Six years ago we got a black lab puppy. It was not the right dog or time for us. She was big, hyper and with three small children I could not keep up with her need for exercise (we did not have a fenced in yard). With a sad heart, we gave Emma to another family. We still miss her to this day.

The more and more I saw this little dog’s face on Facebook and the more and more I heard his sad little story, the more and more I started falling in love with him. I eventually decided that I wanted to bring him home but I had one obstacle, my husband. He did NOT want another dog, AT ALL! I understood totally, he too was reminded of our last experience with a dog.

The more I tried to convenience my husband to give dog owning another try, the more he denied my request. I was starting to get desperate because the woman housing the dog was not able to keep him and in two days time he was going to be given to the humane society. I couldn’t bear the thought of him ending up in the pound after all he’d been through. So, I turned to my aunt.

My aunt loves animals. She always takes in strays and has a knack for finding homes for them. She believes she was put on this earth to help animals. I think she just may be right. My aunt told me to pick up the dog and bring him to her and she would find him a home. The only thing I had to do was keep him for one night until she could pick him up the next day.

I asked my husband if he was okay with the dog staying with us for one night. He informed me that he was onto my scheme and knew that I was just trying to get him to see the dog and fall in love with him. I actually had not planned for that to happen, I just wanted the dog to have a home. My husband then said to me, “just bring him home, we are going to end up with him anyway.” He was referring to the fact that my aunt was going to have him and that’s how we would end up with him.

Buddy is now a new member of our family. He is only a year old and my five girls are in love with him. I am too. I’ve even seen my husband letting Buddy into his lap for a little snooze. Unfortunately for me, my husband has informed me that since I brought the dog into our home, he is now my responsibility and mine alone. This means my husband will not care for the dog, like feeding and letting him outside. Which brings me to my new level of gross.

I have learned that Buddy enjoys some very nasty “treats.” He likes to chew up my older children’s night time pull ups. He scatters the absorbing pulp all over the place if my kids do not remember to throw them in the trash in the morning. I am praying for the day when those two kids are able to stay dry at night!

Buddy also likes poopy diapers. When I get my youngest two children ready for bed I change their diapers in my bedroom. I use my bathroom trash can for their diapers. Buddy likes to go into that trash can, tear open the poopy diapers and actually eat the poop from them. It’s no fun to clean up that mess! I have also caught him licking poop directly from one of my kid’s behinds when changing her on the floor!

The other “treat” Buddy likes is used feminine products. Lucky for me I am a tampon user, so there is not a lot menstrual trash except for back up pantiliners that have overflow blood from a full tampon. He tears those into tiny little pieces that I have to pick up and return to the trash can.

Because of this new added level of grossness, Buddy will now be a part of my gross out posts since he has basically become my sixth child.

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